Bumblezest Ginger Collagen Health Shot 60ml



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Revive & Restore: A golden health shot with a zesty kick to revive and restore, with an extra boost from 5.5g of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.

BUMBLEZEST HEALTH SHOTS: each little glass bottle is packed full of 8 - 9 interesting natural functional ingredients. Our drinks are designed to be taken as a health shot on the go.

Ambient (although do taste better cold), long shelf life of 12 months from production. No preservatives, additives, GMOs or colours. Free from gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts. Environmentally friendlier little glass bottles and aluminium caps. Carbon Neutral. Made in Great Britain.

Ingredients: WaterLemon Juice 23%Crushed Ginger Juice 16%Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 5.5g (From Wild Fish)Turmeric Powder* 350mgCinnamon Extract 1.5%Black Pepper Extract 0.8%Honey* 5.8%Stevia 65mgNatural Flavouring