Bumblezest ACV Charcoal 60ml



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Our Detox + Defend super shot is here to renew your digestive system with cleansing activated charcoal, gut-friendly apple cider vinegar and detoxifying milk thistle. Our immune boosting activated charcoal shot is tangy and with a drop of maple, a great mix of sweet and sour. Drink this shot when you feel bloated or have indigestion. Alternatively drink daily to help kickstart your metabolism.

Single unit = 60ml. Packaging = glass bottle, aluminium cap. Storage = store at room temperature, best served chilled.

Ingredients: WaterLemon Juice 21.1%Apple Cider Vinegar* 11%Maple Syrup 7.2%Activated Charcoal 0.42%Cinnamon Extract 0.12%Natural FlavouringMilk Thistle Powder 0.12%Cayenne Pepper Extract 0.1%